My quote today should be my own:

“Put it away.”

but I found a much better one to get my point over.

“Communication works for those who work at it.”  John Powell. Jesuit priest and author

The reason for my quote is related to a couple of incidents I noticed recently.

Recently we were at Wetherspoons having breakfast when I observed (I’m a people watcher) a family of three, one female adult and two children around 8 to 10 years old. During the twenty minutes or so I observed them not one person in the party communicated. The children were busy with paper activities provided by the chain and the adult glued to her phone. You can now order food via an app so the adult didn’t even need to communicate with a member of staff. I may be doing the trio a disservice they may have been communicating all morning and this was just quiet downtime I’ll let you decide.

However, if I thought that was high on the non communication front what I observed a couple of weeks later was much, much worse. An adult female pushing a baby (approximately 18 months old) in a forward facing pushchair, therefore no verbal or non-verbal communication. If that wasn’t bad enough the adults only focus was her telephone, she was also wearing earphones. So not only could she not see the impressionable child she could not hear them either. And her speaking skills were aimed at the person on the other end of the telephone. Appalling on all fronts. Is it any wonder that children are attending nursery with poor speaking, listening and understanding skills. In a nutshell children are lacking in vital life skills because they are not being spoken too, sung too or read too from birth.

Please, please, please put away your mobile devices and communicate with who


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