Pause for Thought

I’m not an incredibly religious person in fact I don’t quite know what I believe in however I thoroughly enjoy listening to the Pause for Thought section on Radio 2’s Chris Evans breakfast show. My favourite speaker is The Reverend Kate Bottley I could listen to her words of wisdom and dulcet tones all day long. Recently Kate talked about visiting her poorly mother in hospital and as a hospital visitor myself I could relate to her some of her words. I finished the crossword with my dad, discussed the weather, conversed about my work day and what he had had for his tea, and when all conversation dried up we just watched the world go by, in simple terms we people watched in the small ward he called home for a couple of weeks.

Kate talked about small gestures of kindness today. The kindness she witnessed during those quiet moments at visiting time much the same as I did. The sharing of newspapers (even though the crosswords were completed), the staff remembering how patients liked their cup of tea, the chat between patients and visitors, a simple smile, the plumping up of pillows, I could go on.

I witnessed many acts of kindness both verbal and non verbal which all seemed to brightened a small part of the day for often quite poorly people. It costs nothing to give someone a smile, a wave, help them on with their slippers, put a neighbour’s bin out, pick up a piece of litter, put your own litter in a bin all these things are small things which don’t take too long to accomplish.

Kate finished her segment with these words of wisdom,

“Little things really matter and they soon add up to make a big difference.”

Reverend Kate Bottley

I believe if we all did a small gesture of kindness each day the world would be a better place.


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