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Heirloom Tablecloth 1 – Bunch of Impatiens

Last year I subscribed to ‘The Art of  Cross stitch’ magazine one of those publications that suck you in just after Christmas with the first issue being 99p plus a free gift. Well I succumbed and have actually enjoyed making some of the projects although I’m sure my life is not long enough to complete all of them.

Part of the appeal was an heirloom tablecloth. You needed to buy the white fabric separately and the 26 patterns with threads were given with each magazine. I stopped the magazine once I’d received the 26 patterns. It’s a project I’ve been going to start for a while after my husband helped me map out the designs sometime last year. Well today was the day and whilst I haven’t done much it has been started. I will post my progress.

Stem stitch and satin stitch so far.

Let me know what you think.


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