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Day 5

A bit of a mixed bag today. Some exercise and maybe not so good food intake.

Early rise to greet grandson. Usual 2 x Weetabix and cup of tea to begin the day.

Visited relatives and then flat white at Marks and Spencer’s.

Beach walk with grandsons late morning and an absolutely delicious plate of scampi, chips and salad at a seafront cafe in Seaham. Cannot recommend Downey’s Cafe on Seaham’s seafront highly enough, we haven’t visited there before but we will definitely be back.

Late afternoon snack of digestive biscuits, banana and cup of tea.

Saturday night out consisted of 3 x glasses of Morgan Spice with Diet Coke. Cup of tea and slice of lightly buttered toast with marmalade for supper on returning home.

All in all not a good day but I’ve had worse.

Will work off the excessive calories tomorrow whilst setting up a wedding at Lumley Castle.

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