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Day 6

Weekends are notoriously difficult for weight loss, in fact any day which takes you out of your usual routine. Routine and planning are two important key ingredients towards weight loss and they are generally forgotten about at weekends. So if you think these are your weak days then make sure you plan for them because ‘proper, prior planning prevents pi** poor performance’.

I had my usual 2 x Weetabix and a cup of tea before going to work to set up for a wedding.

Lunch was pork & chicken with a range of steamed vegetables, mashed potato and 1 x Yorkshire pudding.

Tea was a wrap filled with left over chicken, noodles and salad with a few Actifry chips.

Early evening we had a coffee and a small chocolate biscuit, the only bit of chocolate this week.

It’s weigh time tomorrow (using my own bathroom scales) and I’ll warn you I will truly cry if I haven’t lost any weight. I’m hoping for at least 2 pounds.

Roll on tomorrow morning.

Bye for now LazyDD


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