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One Week

I didn’t cry this morning but I could have done because depending on where I placed the scales in the bathroom I’d either lost 3/4lb or 1 1/2lbs. Not a lot for the effort I put in but a loss nonetheless.

Today I helped my sister-in-law move house so plenty of exercise, lifting boxes, up and down to cupboards and up and down the stairs numerous times.

Food choices have been okay but could have been better. No Weetabix left so Crunchy Nut Cornflakes (not Kellogg’s so my son calls them knock off) and a cup of tea.

Mid morning coffee.

Lunch turkey sandwich and piece of shop bought apple and blackberry pie, cup of tea.

Mid afternoon tea and a couple of very rich lemon curd biscuits (in a posh tin the type you get as a gift). Think biscuits were found in the back of cupboard when emptying.

Tea SW chicken curry with boiled rice I didn’t eat any of the prawn crackers on offer. Glass of water and a cup of tea.

Early evening small piece of chocolate cake, iced bun with butter (my brother-in-law came to watch the football and brought some of the remnants of a birthday tea he’d had yesterday). Thanks for that Bill, however I could have said no.

Bye for now LDD

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