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Day 7

Let me begin by congratulating my sister and my mum they lost 1.5lbs and 2lbs respectively.

My day:

Breakfast knock off crunchy nut cornflakes, cup of tea.

Walk to sister-in-law’s to help with moving house.

Mid morning coffee.

Lunch lean ham in buttered bun with pickle, packet of salted crisps, cup of tea.

Mid afternoon coffee, very rich lemon curd biscuit (the high end type you buy someone for a gift when you can’t think of anything else).

Tea lemon sole, Actifry chips, salad, low fat yoghurt and fresh fruit, cup of tea, glass of water.

College for creative writing class to exercise the old grey matter.

Late snack cup of tea, Jaffa cake.

Worked hard today, hoovering, dusting, washing out kitchen cupboards and white goods so I feel I exercised quite a lot.


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