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Day 10

The end of the week already.

Crunch Nuts for breakfast.

Pilates class at Bannatyne’s gym. Coffee and biscuit on my return.

Ham bun and crisps for lunch

Light house work yuk! Research for creative writing course and a little nana nap in the conservatory I think it was the heat!

Walk to visit mam, hairdressers and home.

Tea outdoors – delicious £10 special – ribs, asparagus, salad, bread, yogurt and fruit, Summer Fizz to drink. Ribs, bread and Summer Fizz from M &S can recommend. The Summer Fizz drink is a new addition and very tasty it was too! Rounded the evening off with a couple of g n ts sat outside. All in f this consisted of far too many calories but a little of what you like etc, etc .


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