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Day 11

The long bank holiday weekend hooray!

Poached egg on toast for breakfast, cup of tea.

Walked partly around village to post birthday card.

Made use of the glorious weather and drove to Tynemouth with. A picnic. We walked along the seafront and wandered up the Main Street to the market inside the train station. Tynemouth is well worth the visit if you haven’t been, the market is open every Saturday and Sunday and sells an eclectic mix of new, old, very old and artisan goods etc. The beach is very clean, you can sit for ages watching the brave swimmers (the North Sea is freezing even in the middle of summer), the surfers and the people in boats. We sat on the top with our picnic watching the world go by. Tynemouth is also home to Riley’s fish shack, it’s actually a permanent fixture on the beach. Ray Raynor, the renouned food critic, visited a few years ago and raved about it. Read his review in The Guardian.

After our picnic we had a ice cream with flake and monkey’s blood. Tony ice cream van is a popular vendor of not on,y iced products but also buckets, spades, frizbees etc. There’s a warm welcome for both adults and dogs, he provided water, poop bags and biscuits free of charge for passing dogs with their owners. He also displayed a sign which read we give change for parking meters without you having to make a purchase. Very charitable and the ice cream was good too.

Night time out with family and a couple or three Morgan Spices with Diet Coke.

A good day was had by all.


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