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I mentioned a couple of months ago that one of my mother’s day presents was tickets to the above show with my daughter-in-law. Well eventually the day dawned and we set off early to attend. Neither of us had been before so we didn’t  know what to expect. I can tell you it exceeded our expectations. It was very good. There was an eclectic mix of stalls selling some weird and wonderful things. There were dedicated, passionate stall holders discussing their wares. We met Wajheera Husain (of BBC 2’s Top of the Shop fame) she was really lovely every bit as bubbly as she came across on the screen. Her chocolate is really tasty especially the dark chocolate (www.chocolateeha.com).  From Loft to Loved (sales@lofttoloved.co.uk) had some really nice stuff but to be honest nothing on the stall that my daughter-in-law hasn’t done or wouldn’t be able to do just as good if not better. We had a long chat with Leslie Armstrong she’s a lovely lady who’s passionate about her handmade wax melts. She has a stall on the Quayside at Newcastle and also the Grainger Market, Newcastle (support@scentedmelts.co.uk) Her melts actually smelt of what they were supposed too! Freddie’s Flowers are worth checking out (www.freddiesflowers.com) a really good idea for a flower delivery service. Ruby cosmetics (we hadn’t heard of the company) gave free eye brown demonstrations and they were a good selling point as both  my daughter-in-law and I bought a set as did many, many other people judging by the amount of Ruby bags people had. Check out their website rubycosmetics.co.uk

All in all we had a really, really good girls day out. The show was definitely worth visiting look out for it next year and attend.

After seeing what’s out there we are aiming to have a stall ourselves next year.

Watch this space!


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