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I know lots of you (well if anyone read my posts) would feel repelled by my recent excursion but I’m not afraid to say that I love Blackpool. Why do I love Blackpool? Well I just do. For one week every summer we used to go to Blackpool for our summer holiday it was the event of the year and although we just go for short, generally overnight stays now my enthusiasm for the place has never dulled. I love seeing who can spot the tower first. I love saving my 2ps to put in the slots at Coral Island. I love the fish and chips, the kiss me quick hats, the smell of the seaside and the screams emanating from the rollercoasters. In the 50 odd years I’ve been visiting lots has changed and lots has stayed the same. Postcards are difficult to find only one shop on the seafront stocked them, a sign of the electronic age no doubt. We didn’t see any donkeys on the beach but perhaps it’s too early in the year. There isn’t a circus with animals at the tower anymore, a definite favourite in 60s and 70s. You now have to pay just to walk around the Pleasure Beach even if you have no intention of going on the rides which is a shame. The 1p slots are now 2p with a much smaller and poorer selection of machines which dispense tickets instead of cash prizes. We now stay in a hotel on the seafront, The Lyndene, instead of a boarding house situated in one of the back streets. When the sun shines the place is really lovely but when it rains perhaps not. We are hoping to visit during the illuminations a sight we haven’t seen for a while.


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