School’s out ...

for summer – day 1

Four years ago I didn’t think I’d have been writing a post about the school holidays as I left education very disillusioned. However an enforced redundancy from an office job led me to seek out the classroom once again and dear reader I have loved every minute of the last five and a half weeks. The school was lovely, the staff fabulous and the children – well they were just an assortment of delightfulness!

I sent my sister this text on Friday morning:

‘I’ve got that wonderful elated feeling you get at the beginning of the 6 weeks holidays that I didn’t think I’d ever feel again.’

Yes after only five and a half weeks I was looking forward to the holidays as full time work with small children was a thing if the past and I was tiring quickly. But what I will say is teaching is easy and difficult, rewarding and frustrating, refreshing and tiring and I can’t wait to begin again in 6 weeks time.

Day 1 – we have been waiting for this day for ages. Our grandson is visiting his father, step mum and step brother for one whole week. And we had him for a sleepover Sunday night and a whole day to ourselves on Monday. We visited Seaton Carew a place we hadn’t been before but would visit again. The beach was clean as was the seafront. He loved splashing in the sea he’s a proper water baby. We had very tasty and good value fish and chips at Young’s, spent pennies in the arcade on the seafront and visited the small fairground. The funfair was very quiet and on speaking to one of the vendors we learnt that the new park and splash area was killing the funfair which is a shame as seasides and funfairs are synonymous.

All in all we had a good day and as it’s only around 40 minutes from home we will be back.

Day 2 – I think we might just need a lie down after a fun filled day with a very energetic three year old!

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