School’s out ...

for summer – day 2

Our little man for breakfast, then boring but essential shopping at Asda, Metro Centre, lunch and a swimming trip. Our grandsons love swimming so we all headed off to Bannatyne’s gym in Durham. Four of us are members two weren’t but they were allowed in for Starbuck’s coffee and could come and see the children enjoy the pool. Durham isn’t our usual gym but they allow children in earlier to swim so we thought we would give it a try. The facilities in general are good, very clean but we weren’t keen on having to go down a flight of stairs to the pool with small children we thought it was a slip hazard but we made it up and down without incident. The staff were friendly, the cafe was light, airy and very clean. The beverages weren’t expensive all in all we had a very good afternoon.

Then everyone plus another two piled back to our house for tea. It’s a good job we have a reasonable size house and a big garden.

A good second day of the holidays.

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