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    Heirloom Tablecloth 1 – Bunch of Impatiens

    Last year I subscribed to ‘The Art of  Cross stitch’ magazine one of those publications that suck you in just after Christmas with the first issue being 99p plus a free gift. Well I succumbed and have actually enjoyed making some of the projects although I’m sure my life is not long enough to complete all of them. Part of the appeal was an heirloom tablecloth. You needed to buy the white fabric separately and the 26 patterns with threads were given with each magazine. I stopped the magazine once I’d received the 26 patterns. It’s a project I’ve been going to start for a while after my husband helped…

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    Day 4

    Thursdays always start off a bit different as I have breakfast with my grandson. Poached egg on lightly buttered toast and a cup of tea started off my food diary for the day. A quick walk to mum’s for a chat and a coffee after our small child had left for the day. Lunch was scrambled eggs, half slice of lightly buttered bread, a small amount of grated strong cheddar cheese and four cherry tomatoes. Mid afternoon snack coffee and a digestive. A spot of shopping during the afternoon and home for the last meal of the day – plain poached haddock, new potatoes (no butter), salad and green beans…

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    Day 3

    Day 3 (actually posted day 4 due to time restraints yesterday). Beat day 2’s time of walk around village 26 minutes today. Home for the usual Weetabix and Cup of tea. Pottered about house for while – mid morning snack cup of coffee, banana. Walked to son’s about half mile away. Lunch consisted of poached egg and lightly buttered toast. Mid afternoon snack coffee and 1 Jaffa cake. Gym time – 1 hour yoga following by swimming (well pool time not a lot of swimming) with my son and grandsons. Evening meal spaghetti bolognese, no garlic bread followed by fresh fruit and low fat yoghurt. Early evening coffee accompanied by…

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    Day 2

    Day 2 started much the same as yesterday. Hike/semi-jog around village (27 mins 11secs). Breakfast – 2 x Weetabix, cup of tea Housework Mid morning – Coffee, banana Housework Lunch – Yesterdays’s left over pastry-less quiche, 4 x cherry tomatoes, cup of tea, Jaffa Cake Gym – 30 minutes treadmill Mid afternoon – Cup of tea, tangerine Tea – Chicken, sweet potato, carrot, turnip, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, small amount of onion/mushroom gravy. Glass of water, cup of tea. Creative writing course at local college. Evening snack – Cup of tea, digestive biscuit I feel today was a good day. A fair mix of exercise, down time and healthy eating.…

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    Day 1

    Today is the day, the day my weight loss begins. I’ve gained 1 stone since September and enough is enough. I lost a stone for my son’s wedding last September and now it’s all back on again. How did that happen? I’ve lost weight with Weight Watchers and Slimming World in the past and now finances dictate that I go it alone. I started the day weighing in at 11st 6 1/2lbs. I did a 30 minute brisk walk around the village and on my return I had 2x Weetabix with milk. A mid morning snack consisted of white coffee and a Jaffa Cake. Lunch was a 2 egg sweet…

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    Next Stop Tynemouth Markets

    Tynemouth markets are housed in the metro station and run every Saturday and Sunday from 9am until 4pm. We visited for the first time on Sunday and had an absolutely fabulous time. There was a wonderful array of sights, sounds and smells all coming from an eclectic mix of stalls. From the artisan to shop bought, from brand new to secondhand, from international food to confectionary stalls there was definitely something for everyone. The whole experience was colourful, varied and definitely fun. There were an awful lot of good quality items at mostly reasonable prices to peruse and purchase. I bought some fabric with a repeat flamingo pattern, I’m going…

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    Lyndene Hotel, Blackpool

    We spent Easter weekend visiting Blackpool. We took my parents on Good Friday, stayed with them until Easter Sunday, left them there and returned for them the following Wednesday. We stayed at the Lyndene quite a large hotel on the seafront. The hotel has recently been the subject of a takeover and the new owners have made a good job of renovating the reception area. I presume they will move to the bedrooms after the illuminations season as they are quite tired looking. The food in the dining room, we always choose the upstairs one, was very good. The staff all work hard under the direction of the matre de…

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    Make it happen

    “Take your future into your own hands. Make it happen. Life is a colouring book, but you have the pens.” Taken from a fiction book I read on holiday. My (not so) Perfect Life Sophie Kinsella It’s your life make if it what you want. Use today to begin the rest of YOUR life. If you are unhappy do something about it. If you want something reach for it. Surround yourself with people who will help and not hinder you. Be bold.