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    I mentioned a couple of months ago that one of my mother’s day presents was tickets to the above show with my daughter-in-law. Well eventually the day dawned and we set off early to attend. Neither of us had been before so we didn’t  know what to expect. I can tell you it exceeded our expectations. It was very good. There was an eclectic mix of stalls selling some weird and wonderful things. There were dedicated, passionate stall holders discussing their wares. We met Wajheera Husain (of BBC 2’s Top of the Shop fame) she was really lovely every bit as bubbly as she came across on the screen. Her chocolate…

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    Days 13, 14 and 15

    Bank holiday Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have gone by in a blur. I’ve ate quite healthy ie pastry-less quiche with salad, WW burgers, salad, Actifry chips, lots of fruit etc. I’ve also engaged in lots of housework like cleaning windows, hoovering, I’ve walked quite a lot and attended yoga and swimming at Bannatyne’s. So not a bad 3 days. However, I’m feeling it’s the quiet before the storm as I’m away with girlfriends at the weekend and I can feel lots of prosecco, crisps, afternoon tea, chocolate and hot tub time coming our way. Maybe if we keep moving around the hot tub it may burn off some calories! We…

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    Day 12

    Sunday – Weetabix for breakfast then work until 3pm setting up weddings at Lumley Castle. Home for very late lunch – ham/pickle sandwich and crisps. Nana nap late afternoon before rallying myself to go to body balance class at Bannatyne’s gym. Sunday (not every) treat – Chinese takeaway meal – delicious, only disappointing bit was there was no gin left to wash it all down we had to do with a cup of tea! Spent an enjoyable evening vegging on settee  watching Great British Painting Challenge (Oliver was my favourite from the beginning), last in the series of the fabulous Durrell’s (poor Louisa and Lesley), Who What’s  to be a…

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    Day 11

    The long bank holiday weekend hooray! Poached egg on toast for breakfast, cup of tea. Walked partly around village to post birthday card. Made use of the glorious weather and drove to Tynemouth with. A picnic. We walked along the seafront and wandered up the Main Street to the market inside the train station. Tynemouth is well worth the visit if you haven’t been, the market is open every Saturday and Sunday and sells an eclectic mix of new, old, very old and artisan goods etc. The beach is very clean, you can sit for ages watching the brave swimmers (the North Sea is freezing even in the middle of summer),…

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    Day 10

    The end of the week already. Crunch Nuts for breakfast. Pilates class at Bannatyne’s gym. Coffee and biscuit on my return. Ham bun and crisps for lunch Light house work yuk! Research for creative writing course and a little nana nap in the conservatory I think it was the heat! Walk to visit mam, hairdressers and home. Tea outdoors – delicious £10 special – ribs, asparagus, salad, bread, yogurt and fruit, Summer Fizz to drink. Ribs, bread and Summer Fizz from M &S can recommend. The Summer Fizz drink is a new addition and very tasty it was too! Rounded the evening off with a couple of g n ts…

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    Day 9

    Breakfast – the usual Crunchy Nuts. Visit to Heighley Gate garden centre in Morpeth we haven’t been before and enjoyed our trip. We didn’t eat in the cafe as we thought it was too expensive. They do have an on-site Costa, as most places do nowadays. We also visited Morpeth town centre on the way home, it has much the same shops as you would expect from a town centre together with a few charity shops thrown in. We visited M  & S to partake of their £10 special. Tea – chicken stir fry, yoghurt and fruit. Coffee and biscuit early evening. Although not a gym visit today I did…

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    Day 8

    Wednesday – Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and a cup of tea. Mid morning – a long walk around Durham to attend an appointment I had no desire to attend! Attended said appointment and embarked on the long jog back to the car as the parking meter money was running out. Was pleased to see the Traffic Warden hadn’t made it to that area yet. Lunch – bought in sandwich, crisps and cup of tea. Definitely not a healthy option! Yoga at Bannatyne’s. Swimming with grandson. Tea – sausage casserole, mashed potatoes with vegetables. Early evening – coffee, small non chocolate biscuit.